Online Support

Transgender Resources: 

Families in TRANSition: A Resource Guide for Families of Transgender Youth

  • This is the first comprehensive Canadian publication to address the needs of parents and families supporting their trans children, published online in 2016.
  • Extremely comprehensive. Provides terminology information, best practices, question and answers, mythbusting, information about transitioning, personal stories from youth and parents, etc.
  • Link HERE.


Gender Spectrum:

  • Parenting and Family Guide: Extremely comprehensive guide for parenting and families of gender-creative/gender-expansive youth. Topics covered on right hand side of page. Link HERE.
  • The Gender Spectrum Lounge: online community for youth, parents, or professionals to connect to each other for support and resources. Link HERE.
  • Affirming vs. Non-affirming parental behaviours guide. Access it HERE.


So Your Child is Non-Binary: A Guide For Parents

  • Introduction to non-binary identities and best practices for parents of non-binary youth.
  • Access it HERE.

Egale Canada Human Rights Trust

  • Supporting Your Gender Diverse Child: although it is Ontario specific, there are great resources and forms for structuring supporting your child (ie. communication planning sheet, safety planning, gender affirming support plan, etc.) Quick access at bottom of page HERE.


Trans Lifeline

  • Hotline: peer support for trans people who need someone to talk to. All operators are transgender.
  • Call: 877-330-6366 or more information HERE.
  • Microgrants: provides small grants to cover costs of changing legal identification on documents (license, passport, immigration documents, etc.) More information HERE.
  • Open Source Resource Library: provides information about the costs of identification changes in different regions, the forms needed, etc. Access it HERE.