To continue our supports for families of Alberta LGBTQ2S+ youth, The altView Foundation is hosting a conference to bring together youth, families, and service providers in the spirit of awareness and building capacity.

This conference will be held at the University of Alberta Education North Building on May 12th, 2018 from 10am-5pm and will feature panels and presentations to further the conversations around how to best support LGBTQ2S+ youth in our communities. Some of the questions we’ll be exploring:

  • What is it like being an LGBTQ2S+ youth in Alberta?
  • What expectations do LGBTQ2S+ youth have of the adults around them?
  • How do we handle a youth coming out to us?
  • What is transition and what resources are out there?
  • How can we be there when an LGBTQ2S+ youth is struggling?
  • What resources are out there for families who want to be more supportive of the LGBTQ2S+ youth in their lives?
  • What role can service providers play in supporting LGBTQ2S+ youth?
  • What do safe and inclusive environments look like, both at home and at school?

Tickets are now available and can be found on our Square Store.