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On May the 12th at 10am, The altView Foundation will be hosting a special conference at the University of Alberta for families and service providers to answer one big question: how can we be more supportive of the LGBTQ2S+ youth in our lives?

This one-day event will seek to shed light on the relationship between LGBTQ2S+ youth and the adults in their lives. Parents, close family members, adult caregivers, coaches, educators, and service providers. Through panels, breakout discussions, and short talks, our goal is to give a platform for these experiences. Successes and challenges, insights and best practices. It is our philosophy that most parents and other close adults in the lives of LGBTQ2S+ youth would be supportive but they just aren’t sure how to be, there isn’t a path behind, only forward. We believe that creating space to have these conversations and support those adults is the best path forward.

Our topics for discussion include LGBTQ2S+ foundational information and the experiences of youth, the challenges faced by parents and caretakers, and the challenges professionals may face. Outside of our panels, we’re giving a platform to other perspectives through short talks we’re calling Speak Your Truth: an opportunity for people to get involved and share their stories even if they don’t want to be a part of a panel.

We will have additional details for the conference up shortly, and this site will remain after the conference as a permanent, peer-driven resource for families seeking support and resources.

In the meantime, to register for the conference, please visit our Square Store. General Admission is only $20 and we have included a second rate of $25 for folks who require onsite childcare with our early learning and childcare specialist. We will reach out to you to get some details about your specific childcare needs, dietary restrictions, and other needs to help make our space best for your child’s needs. And, like all of altView’s programs, if financial concerns are a barrier, we are open to waiving costs for those who need.

For any other questions and concerns, please reach out to Michael at

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